Eagle Consulting Group Joins Net@Work

Eagle Consulting Group Has Merged With Net@Work, A Top Worldwide Sage Software Business Partner.

The Eagle team will continue to work with you and support your Sage MAS and CRM installations. We remain committed to your IT and business needs - rest assured that the voices and faces you've come to know and trust will still be there to take your calls.

This is a big win our valued customers. With our combined teams we can now offer you expanded services and support, providing a true advisor for all your IT initiatives.

Visit us at www.netatwork.com

Phone: 212-997-5200
575 Eighth Avenue (corner of 38th st.) New York, NY 10018

Phone: 201-735-9560
29J Commerce Way Totowa, NJ 07512

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How long has Eagle been in business? Founded by Debra Ellis in 1994, Eagle Consulting Group sells and supports:
  • Sage MAS 90 and Sage MAS 200 Accounting
  • Sage MAS 500 Accounting Software
How many people work for Eagle? Currently we employ seven people who concentrate completely on supporting the software packages.
What are three good reasons
to select Eagle?
1) Our collective experiences encompass a wide variety of business issues and we have implemented many creative solutions using accounting software systems.

2) We are experts in our field. By making accounting software our exclusive focus, we are able to get it right the first time, saving you time, money, and frustration.

3) Our people really make the difference. We are enthusiastic, friendly, knowledgeable, and seek to understand our clients’ businesses and employees.

There are several resellers in the area, what sets Eagle apart from the rest? We have one of the largest groups of consultants that specialize in Sage MAS 90, Sage MAS 200, and Sage MAS 500 in the Tri-State area. This talented group of professionals allows Eagle to provide top-quality consulting while at the same time meeting the phone support needs of our client base.

We routinely implement complex business processes that few resellers have either the experience or training to put into operation.

You may consider your current business requirements simple; however, as your business grows and changes, you can be comforted in knowing that Eagle is capable and ready to assist in any changes.

How many clients does Eagle currently support? We have over 175 active clients, concentrated primarily in the Tri-State area.
Is Eagle too small or too large for my company? We believe that we are just right. We are small enough to care about the success of your business and the people who use Sage MAS 90, Sage MAS 200 or Sage MAS 500, but large enough to have depth in technical expertise, experience, and training.
What are Eagle’s core competencies? Our talents run deep, but we have unique experience in the following areas:
  • Job Costing
  • Distribution
  • Manufacturing
  • Time and Billing Applications
  • e-Commerce systems
What other services do you provide? One of our popular services is an Annual Operational Review. The purpose of this review is to determine how effectively deployed the accounting software is within the company, to understand what new business issues have arisen, and to make recommendations as to how the software can solve those issues.
How will Eagle implement our new software? We have developed a systematic methodology that we customize for your company. We work together to determine a go-live date and then finalize all of the implementation steps to meet that deadline. In general, we consider data conversion, business processes, reporting requirements, business forms, software installation, and training. Once you have selected Eagle, we will plan your implementation in detail.
What about training our employees? We offer one-on-one training as well as general software training on-site at your company. We believe that training not only educates your employees on the new system, but also is a critical element for success because it involves your employees in the implementation process.
How will Eagle keep in touch with us once we are operational? Once a quarter we publish an informative newsletter that keeps you up-to-date on what new benefits the software can bring to your business. Additionally, we bring you timely information about current events and future releases of the product. We even have two different Tips and Tricks published in each issue, designed to improve your knowledge and the usability of the software.
Does Eagle facilitate user group meetings? Once per quarter, Eagle hosts a user group meeting to focus on current issues and to provide a platform for networking amongst Sage MAS 90 and Sage MAS 200 users. Our clients find these meetings be very helpful to formulating new ideas and solutions.
What about software maintenance and upgrades? When you purchase the software, maintenance and upgrades are included for one year from the purchase date. The updates are delivered directly to you. On the anniversary of your purchase, we will automatically renew your annual plan for software maintenance and upgrades. Currently, this cost is approximately 15-20% of the current list price of each module.
What kind of telephone product support do you offer? Is it included in the software price? Eagle has two levels of support plans available. The top level is our Gold Plan, which provides for priority support and several other key services. Our Gold Plan also provides fast telephone response and our Basic Plan covers your essential technical support. Please refer to our Service Support Plans document for further details.
What happens if I want to add a new module in the future? Your software simply needs to be at the current release level because new modules are only available in the most current version.
What if I want to add more users? Just let us know how many you need. Once you are ready, we can provide a new unlock key, which determines the quantity of simultaneous users allowed. The process only takes a few minutes once the key is available.

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