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Eagle Consulting Group Has Merged With Net@Work, A Top Worldwide Sage Software Business Partner.

The Eagle team will continue to work with you and support your Sage MAS and CRM installations. We remain committed to your IT and business needs - rest assured that the voices and faces you've come to know and trust will still be there to take your calls.

This is a big win our valued customers. With our combined teams we can now offer you expanded services and support, providing a true advisor for all your IT initiatives.

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Eagle Consulting is now part of Net@Work, a leading Sage MAS 500 VAR Headquarted in NY with offices nationwide.

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Sage MAS 500 Accounts Receivable Module
The Sage MAS 500 Accounts Receivable module improves your cash flow and increases customer satisfaction by effectively automating and managing your collections process. Gain complete control of your receivables and invoicing processes, and add automatic calculations to your procedure to avoid errors and duplicate entry. Among other benefits, extensive drill-down capabilities provide a means for quick communication with customers.
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Operational Flexibility
Extensive Customer Information Create and maintain extensive customer contact information including name, title, phone number, fax number, and e-mail address. Generous Field Sizes A full 12-character customer id fits your identification system.
Multiple Bill To and Ship To Addresses Enter and maintain any number of bill to and ship to addresses for each of your customers. Customer Specific Sales Tax Schedules Designate unique customer specific sales tax schedules.
Commission Management Automatically create vouchers in Accounts Payable for commission payment. Base commission calculations on sales, gross profit, and actual or standard cost, and split sales history and commission among multiple salespeople. Commission By Item Apply a standard commission percentage to each sales item or service.
Sales Teams Sales teams enable you to set up salespeople in a team hierarchy. Salespeople in a team can be given rights to view and process orders for customers of other salespeople on a team. Associate Salesperson With Vendor Associate a salesperson with a vendor code to facilitate commission payments through Accounts Payable.
Salesperson History View the complete commission history for each salesperson, including sales, cost of sales, returns, and gross profit. National Accounts Manage related customers with parent/subsidiary relationships. Optionally consolidate billing statements to speed payment and reduce outstanding receivables. Create two levels of credit checking — both at the individual company and at the national account level — to minimize credit risk. Directly invoice the head office of a subsidiary customer, and apply payments across a national account when settlement is received.
Recurring Invoices Use this task to create and maintain recurring invoices for receivable items that occur on a regular basis, such as monthly rentals or contract billings. After you set up a recurring invoice, you can select and transfer it to an invoice batch to avoid re-entering the entire invoice every month.
Set Up
Default Values Establish default values to streamline customer data entry. Open Item, Balance Forward or Both Your accounts may be designated as open item, balance forward or a mix of the two. Finance Charge Calculation.
History Retention Specific history retention options let you specify which history you wish to keep and for how many months or years. Custom Fields Create up to six custom fields for each customer. Designate each as required or optional, indicate its data type (i.e. validated, date, alphanumeric), and a list of valid entries if appropriate.
Sales Territories Use sales territories for sorting report information, such as sorting by salespersons or region. Each customer is assigned to a sales territory. Customer Classes Divide customers into classes by types of goods or services they purchase, by product lines, for specific markets, or for different divisions of your company. Set up General Ledger accounts for a class including the various asset, liability, and expense accounts.
Batch Processing Process invoices, memos or payments by batch (with or without control totals). Post batches of transactions at any time, and even place batches on hold to prevent posting. Create private batches to prevent unauthorized access. On Demand Aging Selectively age customer accounts outside of the normal period-end processing cycle. You can age all customers, a single customer, a range of customers, a customer class, or a range of customer classes as of a specified date.
Auto Assign Invoice And Memo Numbers Assign invoice or memo numbers automatically or manually, Auto Apply Checks Instantly check unapplied payments, credit limits and past due amounts. Enter cash receipts on account and apply at a later time.
Line Item Reference Codes Designate a reference code for each line of an invoice. Reason Codes Assign a reason code to an invoice or memo to help track sales.
Document Transmittal Options Specify how you want documents generated for this customer or vendor. You can have documents printed and sent by e-mail in HTML or RTF format. If you use e-mail, it is sent to the e-mail address for the contact on the purchase order or sales order. Credit Limit Checking Automatically place invoices on hold when credit limits are exceeded or past due amounts exist.
Cash Receipt Processing Automatically apply cash receipts to open invoices, accept cash on account, and write off balances that fall within predefined tolerances. Prepayment Processing Record prepayments or down payments automatically and post miscellaneous payments and record to the appropriate revenue account.
Write Offs Write off invoice balances within assigned tolerances during payment application. Invoice Entry Each invoice, credit memo, or debit memo consists of header information, line item detail information, and totals. Enter trade discount amounts, view item costing, override commission amounts, enter line comments, apply down payments, and more.
Finance Charge Calculation Generate and apply finance charges to customer accounts based on a variety of flexible criteria. View and edit charges before applying. Print Deposit Slips Print a deposit slip for a set of receipt transactions for a specific bank account.
Multicurrency Processing Enter invoices and cash receipts in their natural currencies, as well as recognize and accrue unrealized gains and losses when applying cash receipts to invoices.
Customer Inquiry View every aspect of your customers’ records using Customer Inquiry. By right clicking on the customer inquiry listing, you can drill down to additional customer information, or to export or print the information that appears in the grid listing. Customer Status Using the Customer Status Inquiry, you can view information about the customer’s outstanding balances, credit status and history, and transactions. Drill down from here to uncover details of individual transactions.
Customer History View each customer’s sales history in summary or in detail. Customer Class Inquiry View sales history by customer class in summary or in detail.
Salesperson History View sales history by salesperson in summary or in detail. Invoice Inquiry View a grid of all invoices, or filter the selection by any criteria you choose. Drill down to view the actual invoice detail, payment transactions, and GL posting record.
Customer Payments View payments and memos made by a customer or customer class. Drill Down Inquiries Provide superior customer service by supporting drill-down or drill-around within any customer field, or from the inquiry menu, to access important customer information. Research customer payment activity based on user-defined criteria such as payment amount, date, customer classification or customer.
Customer Purchase Activity Inquiries Analyze customer purchase activity using a variety of search options including invoice amount, date, customer classification, customer bill to or ship-to address, salesperson, and more. Powerful Flexible Search Engine Locate data by virtually any attribute. Save sets of commonly used search criteria for use by anyone. For example, you can select all customers on account hold, or all customers in a particular state, or with a greater than zero account balance.
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Maintain Customers Main
Maintain Customers Defaults
Maintain Customers Bill To/Ship To
Maintain Customers Sales Orders
Maintain Customers National Accounts
Document Transmittal Configuration
Maintain Customer Class Main
Maintain Customer Class Defaults
Maintain Customer Class National Accounts
Maintain Recurring Invoices
Maintain Recurring Invoices Header
Maintain Recurring Invoices Detail
Maintain Recurring Invoices Total
Maintain Salespersons
Maintain Sales Teams
Maintain National Accounts
Process Invoices
Enter Invoices Header
Enter Invoices Detail
Enter Invoices Total
Down Payments
Credit Status
Process Cash Receipts
Enter Cash Receipts Payments
Enter Cash Receipts Application
Apply Payments and Memos
Apply Credit Memo
Edit Commissions
Generate Finance Charges
Edit Finance Charges
AR Options Main
AR Options General Ledger
AR Options Data Retention
AR Options Customize
Import AR Data
Customer Status Inquiry Summary
Customer Status Inquiry Credit
Customer Status Inquiry Ledger
Customer Sales History
Invoice Inquiry
Customer Payment Inquiry
Useful Utilities
Import Utility Use the Import Accounts Receivable Data utility to transfer or import transactions and objects from an existing accounts receivable system to Accounts Receivable module as ASCII records in flat files using either fixed length or record delimited (using a specified character) source records. Simplified Period-End Processing Overcome the chaos inherent at the end of your peak financial periods by specifying the reports to print automatically at period end. Post to current and future periods, or reopen and post to a previously closed period, and retain detailed postings or monthly summaries for an unlimited number of years.
Integration With Other Sage MAS 500 Modules
You can use Accounts Receivable with General Ledger only or integrated with additional modules. In an integrated system, modules share common information with related modules. This sharing eliminates double entry of information that is already stored in Sage MAS 500. Additionally, postings from other modules are automatically made to Accounts Receivable. The modules that can be integrated with Accounts Receivable are:
  • General Ledger
  • Accounts Payable to generate commission checks
  • Cash Management
  • Multicurrency Management
Crystal Reports
All Sage MAS 500 reports are written with Crystal Reports, the industry standard graphical report writer. Use existing reports as is, or customize them to suit your needs. You may also create completely custom reports from scratch or using Crystal’s report generation wizard.

View a recap of outstanding customer invoices, debit memos, credit memos, finance charges, and unapplied payments by aging category. Select from customer summary, customer detail, or invoice detail formats.

Print a complete recap of invoices, cash receipts, adjustments, and other activities that affect accounts receivable balances as of the specified posting date. Select from a customer summary or invoice detail format.

View a summary of outstanding invoices and total cash due for any three consecutive future periods. You can use this analysis to forecast future cash receipts and effectively plan cash flow on a period-by-period basis.

View a recap of all sales activities recorded through Accounts Receivable for the period. All invoices posted through Process Invoices are included in this report. You can subtotal invoices by customer class and by customer within each class.

View a recap of all cash receipt activities recorded in Accounts Receivable. All customer payments posted during invoice entry or cash receipts entry are included on the report.

Lists sales tax information concerning the sale of goods as reported through Accounts Receivable or the purchase of goods as reported through Accounts Payable.

View commission information in detail, as a summary by customer, or as a summary by salesperson. You can view a recap of total invoice amounts, sales subject to commission, cost subject to commission, gross profit, and commissions earned. The report displays the invoice amount and the commission payable amount.

Provides an in-depth management report consisting of an aging recap and a statistical summary of receivables activity for a range of consecutive periods you define.

View a comprehensive recap of total sales, cost of goods sold, profit margins, cash received, and finance charges. You can include period-to-date, year-to-date, prior year information, or all three (in ascending or descending order).

Print a recap of sales information by salesperson. You can include period-to-date, year-to-date, prior-year information, or all three (in ascending or descending order).

Print statements for customers on a preprinted statement form or on plain paper.

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