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Sage MAS 90 and Sage MAS 200 Accounts Payable Module
The Sage MAS 90 and Sage MAS 200 Accounts Payable module is a comprehensive tool for managing your corporate expenditures. In addition to recording transactions and obligations to vendors, Accounts Payable provides the ability to forecast future cash requirements, capitalize on discounts offered, and analyze your purchase history by vendor. Flexible cash disbursement and check writing capabilities are included, as are multiple informative reports offering valuable insights.

The outstanding capabilities of the Sage MAS 90 Accounts Payable module put you in firm control of your corporate expenses.

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Operational Flexibility
Divisional Accounting
Designate up to 99 divisions, and assign payables for each division to a separate General Ledger payables account. Reports offer subtotals by vendor division.
Multiple Bank Accounts
Process checks for up to 36 bank accounts for each company. When integrated with the Bank Reconciliation module, transactions are posted there automatically.
Use Tax and Freight Allocation
Flag the entire document for Use Tax and specify which general ledger account to expense for freight.
Flexible Terms Codes
Maintain up to 99 flexible terms codes. Each may indicate the number of days before due or whether the invoice is due on a specific date, a discount percent, the number of days or a specific date for discount expiry, and the discount rate.
Elect to account for discounts earned or discounts lost. The discount date and amount are calculated automatically and presented during Invoice Data Entry. Invoice Payment Selection may be made using the discount date as a selection criterion.
Multiple Companies
You may process payables for multiple companies. The number of companies allowed is limited only by your disk space.
Data Entry Features
Invoice Entry
Invoices can be expensed to any number of accounts. Due dates, discount dates, and discount amounts are calculated automatically.
On-the-Fly Entry
Add new terms codes and vendors on-the-fly during data entry, offering uninterrupted entry. Easily change vendor address or contact information with quick one button access to the vendor masterfile from data entry screens.
Invoice Batch Entry, Print & Update
Batch processing enables multiple invoice data entry sessions to take place simultaneously, each with a unique batch number. Each batch can be printed and updated independently.
Repetitive Invoice Processing
Recurring invoices such as rent, utility payments, or loans can be processed automatically saving the burden of repetitive entry.
Prepaid Invoices
Record prepayments for invoices in advance. When the actual invoice is recorded in Invoice Data Entry, the prepaid amount can be applied to the invoice balance.
Manual Checks
Using the Manual Check feature, record handwritten checks, reversals, and voided checks. Checks can be recorded for “one time only” vendors and partial payments can be specified.
Check Reversing
When reversing a check, you have the option of recalling the invoices paid by the check. Answering yes puts the entire invoice back on file.
Screen Shots
Main Maintenance for Vendors Additional Maintenance for Vendors
Vendor History Summary Vendor Invoice Summary
Vendor Check Summary Vendor Purchase Order Summary
Vendor Memo Maintenance Vendor Invoice Header Data Entry
Vendor Invoice Line Item Distribution Data Entry Manual Check Header Data Entry
Manual Check Line Data Entry Invoice Payment Selection, Phase 1
Invoice Payment Selection, Phase 2 Check Maintenance On Selected Invoices Or Add Additional Invoices For Payment
Useful Utilities
Vendor Delete/Renumber/Merge
Delete, renumber, or merge vendor numbers for an individual vendor, or a specified range of vendor numbers.
Automatic Payment Selection
Select invoices for payment automatically based on the due date, discount due date, or vendor. Select individual invoices for full or partial payment. Vendors designated ‘on hold’ are not selected for automatic payment.
Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable Clearing
For Accounts Receivable customers who are also Accounts Payable vendors, this feature allows invoices to be automatically or selectively applied to the vendor’s balance. This time saving feature eliminates the manual matching process of posting payments and issuing checks.  
Integration With Other Sage MAS 90 or Sage MAS 200 Modules
Job Cost Integration
When the Accounts Payable module is integrated with the Job Cost module, job number, cost code, and cost type information may be entered for each distribution line during Invoice Data Entry and Manual Check Entry. Retention balances may be tracked for each invoice. An Open Invoice By Job Report is available.
Magnetic Media Integration
When utilizing the Magnetic Media Reporting module, 1099 forms can be printed to magnetic media for filing with the federal government.
Purchase Order Integration
Invoices entered during Purchase Order processing flow automatically to the Accounts Payable module. Open Purchase Orders may be viewed in every detail from Vendor Masterfile.
Bank Reconciliation
Payment transactions initiated in Accounts Payable flow automatically to the Bank Reconciliation module
Inventory Integration
Accounts Payable vendors may be associated with inventory items when Accounts Payable is integrated with Inventory Management. Reports offer the ability to select and sort items for inclusion by vendor.
General Ledger Postings
Expense accounts can be posted to the General Ledger is either detail or summary format with a choice of data contained in the comment.
Check Printing
Print Accounts Payable checks on standard or customized check stock. Use a separate check-printing format for each bank account. Currency masks are user determined. Two check stubs on a single page is supported to accommodate laser-printed checks.
Separate Checks
Elect on a vendor-by-vendor basis to print a separate check for each invoice being paid, or a single check for all this vendor’s invoices.
Extended Stub Report
Print an optional extended check stub report which may include invoice detail for all checks or invoice detail for checks on which information did not fit on the stub.  
Transaction History
Keep Paid Invoices/Checks on File
Keep paid invoices on file for up to 999 days. Include or exclude these paid invoices from view during reports and inquiries. Keep detailed check history for 99 months.
Transaction History Drill Down
Detailed history for invoices and checks is retained within the module. From within Vendor Maintenance, inquire into posted invoices, even drilling down to the individual expense lines. Convenient search tool lets you find just the transaction you’re seeking. A similar inquiry is available to view check history, where one can easily identify the invoices paid by the check—even drill around to the invoice history file from here. Another drill down provides a detailed look at the source journal.
Vendor Inquiry
Vendor information, such as terms, address, contacts, purchase history, can be reviewed easily for inquiry purposes only. Offers staff needed information while preserving data integrity.  
Rich Feature Set
International Address Capability
Three address lines, country codes, international postal codes, and expanded telephone number fields support lengthy international addresses.
Vendor Memos
Create and maintain multiple memos for each vendor. Include a subject and a reminder date. View and maintain these memos directly from Invoice Data Entry and Repetitive Invoice Entry. Specify select memos to ‘pop up’ automatically during all data entry functions.
Vendor Masterfile Audit
Track changes, deletions, and additions to the Vendor masterfile. Report upon the changes using the Vendor Masterfile Audit Report which includes the date of the change and the user code.
Unlimited Vendor Contacts
For each vendor, keep unlimited contacts, each with their own address, telephone and fax numbers, email address and notes section.
ANSI Compliant Checks
Increasingly financial institutions are requiring that checks be ANSI compliant. Specify this compliancy on a form-by-form basis for your Accounts Payable check forms.
Credit Card Transfers
Easily transfer the purchase amount from the credit card vendor to the "purchase vendor" (this is the vendor from whom you purchased the items) to track 1099 and payment history for the purchase vendor. Payment history is recorded for both the purchase vendor and the credit card vendor.
The Sage MAS 90 Accounts Payable module is rich with crucial forms and reports. Where appropriate, the reports have multiple selection and sorting capabilities—providing a large variety of report offerings. Each report includes a Preview capability allowing you to ‘print’ the report to screen before committing to the printer. From the Preview option, copy the report to the Windows clipboard, making sharing the report’s data with other applications easy! Use the Find and Zoom options to quickly view just the data you’re looking for.
The Aged Invoice Report lists vendor invoices and their balances by aging category permitting accurate payment decisions. Invoice balances are aged according to user specified aging periods. As a quick reference, the number of days of delinquency for each invoice is included. The report offers numerous sort and selection options, allowing you to customize the report to your needs. Select the desired aging date, elect to age by invoice date or due date, pick from detail or summary options, and choose only invoices within a specific aging category.
Accounts Payable Analysis

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Offering busy managers a graphical, high-level look at payables, the Accounts Payable Analysis Report consists of an aging recap and a statistical summary of payables for up to six consecutive periods. At a glance determination of whether Accounts Payable activity is increasing or decreasing and what proportion of your payables is not current.
Cash Requirements Report

click to expand report selection
The Cash Requirements Report produces a summary of outstanding invoices and total cash requirements for any three consecutive periods. This report provides the necessary data to analyze future cash needs and effectively plan cash flow on a weekly, monthly, or quarterly basis, depending on the specified period-ending dates. Selection by discount due date lets you plan payments to maximize available discount savings. When Accounts Payable is integrated with Job Cost, the Cash Requirements Report includes retention balances.
Check History Report

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The Check History Report provides a summary of all checks issues for a specific period. Use this report to reconcile your bank statements when printed by bank code. Select beginning and ending dates for checks to be included.
Invoice Payment Selection Register

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The Invoice Payment Selection Register details all invoices selected for payment using Invoice Payment Selection, or entered manually through Check Maintenance. Use it as a final check for accuracy before checks are printed. The Trial Balance is principally used to reconcile the Accounts Payable account in the General Ledger with the open balances in Accounts Payable. It offers a complete recap of invoices, with detail of receipts, adjustments, payments, or other activities that affect Accounts Payable balances during a specified period. Elect to print the report in summary, or complete with transaction detail. You can choose to include all invoices on file, or select either open or paid invoices.
Vendor Purchase Analysis

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The Vendor Purchase Analysis produces a recap of total purchases, payments, and discounts taken or lost for the period-to-date, year-to-date, and/or prior-year. The information detailed by this report allows you to compare payables activity by vendor for any of the three periods selected.
Other Reports
1099 Forms Accounts Payable from Accounts Receivable Clearing Check Register Daily Transaction Register
General Ledger Distribution Report General Ledger Posting Recap Invoice History Report Invoice Register
Manual Check Register Monthly Purchase Report Open Invoice by Job Report Repetitive Invoice Listing
Vendor Listing Vendor Mailing Labels Vendor Masterfile Audit Report Vendor Memos

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