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Sage MAS 90 and Sage MAS 200 Accounts Receivable Module
Effective cash management requires more than simply knowing who owes you how much and for how long. With the Sage MAS 90 and Sage MAS 200 Accounts Receivable module you can: maintain customer data, prepare invoices, receive payment, generate statements, monitor aging, track commissions, assess finance charges, and predict cash flow, all in a powerful, intuitive fashion. Data vital to your business is collected and presented in an intuitive, flexible format. Broad reporting tools enable the analysis of data from multiple vantage points, increasing the facts available to you.

The exceptional capabilities of Sage MAS 90’s Accounts Receivable module enable you to make cash management decisions that capitalize on your company’s future—today.
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Operational Flexibility
Flexible Terms Codes Maintain up to 99 flexible terms codes. Each may indicate the number of days before due or whether the invoice is due on a specific date, a discount percent, the number of days or a specific date for discount expiry, the discount rate, and method of discount (e.g. discount on gross, line items only, etc.).
User Defined Aging Categories
You determine the aging categories for your receivables (e.g. 30, 60,…) and whether they refer to days or months. Optionally age invoices from either the invoice date or due date.
Sales Tax Support Support for Canadian GST/PST, multiple jurisdictions, and tax-on-tax calculations.
Balance Forward or Open Item
Receivables may be managed on an open item or balance forward basis with the option to make the determination by individual customer.
Divisional Accounting Designate up to 99 divisions, and assign receivables for each division to a separate General Ledger receivables account. Reports offer subtotals by customer division.
Password Protection
Guard customer credit limits and commission rates with the use of a password. To enter an invoice for customers on credit hold, a password is required.
Data Entry Features
On-the-Fly Entry Add new customers, salesperson codes, terms codes, sales codes, and sales tax codes on-the-fly during data entry. Invoice/Cash Receipts Batch Processing Enables multiple invoice or cash receipt entry sessions to take place simultaneously by assigning a unique batch number automatically. Print and update individual batches, independent of other batches.
Credit Memos and Debit Memos Easily process both credit and debit memos for a customer, and use credit memos to ‘pay’ open invoices during cash receipt entry. Repetitive Invoicing Automatically process repetitive billing such as monthly fees, rent, membership dues. Globally change the rate with ease.
Customer Memos Create and maintain multiple memos for each customer. Include a subject and a reminder date. View and maintain these memos directly from Invoice Data Entry and Cash Receipts Entry. Specify select memos to ‘pop-up’ automatically during data entry.  
Screen Shots
Customer Maintenance Customer Additional Infomation
Customer History Customer Contacts
Customer Invoice History Customer Sales Orders
Customer Open Invoices
Customer Memos Customer Items
Customer Ship-To's Invoice History Inquiry
Invoice Data Entry - header Invoice Data Entry - lines
Invoice Data Entry - total
Cash Receipts Entry – header Cash Receipts Entry – lines
Useful Utilities
Match Credit to Open Invoices Match customer credits (prepayments, credit memos and negative invoices) automatically against open invoices—a real labor saving tool. Customer Delete/Renumber/Merge Delete, renumber, or merge customer numbers for an individual customer, or a specified range of customer numbers.
Finance Charge Calculation Maintain finance charge rates for individual customers and apply finance charges based on an indicated minimum balance, and/or a payment delinquency period, with a minimum finance charge amount.  
Integration With Other Sage MAS 90 or Sage MAS 200 Modules
Sales Order The tight, seamless integration between Accounts Receivable and Sales Order enables Sales Order invoices to flow to Accounts Receivable and offers inquiry capability into open orders from the Customer Masterfile. Bank Reconciliation The integration of Accounts Receivable with Bank Reconciliation enables the accurate tracking of cash receipts.
Job Cost When Accounts Receivable is integrated with Job Cost, you can post invoices and retention amounts to Accounts Receivable. General Ledger The Accounts Receivable integration with General Ledger enables the posting of cost of goods, sales, and cash receipts data to the General Ledger.
Customer Statements Print statements for a selected billing cycle (e.g. monthly or quarterly) for all or a specified group of customers. Include only customers with a minimum balance, and include a unique message or dunning statement for delinquent accounts. Customer Invoice, Credit Memos, and Debit Memos Invoices may be printed by batch or individually. Graphic customizable invoice forms allow limitless flexibility.
Invoice History Printing View and reprint invoices from the Invoice History Inquiry option, using either the Sales Order or Accounts Receivable format.  
Transaction History
Keep Paid Invoices on File Keep paid invoices on file for up to 999 days. Include or exclude these paid invoices from view during reports and inquiries. Invoice History Drill-Down From Invoice History Inquiry, and directly from Customer Maintenance, survey invoice history, even drilling down to the line level detail. View the invoices’ current balance and sales tax detail.
Powerful Inquiry Options Inquire in Customer masterfile, open invoices, and invoice history file, using powerful drill-down tools to access detailed information. Reprint invoices from history from the history inquiry screen.  
Rich Feature Set
Expanded Customer Address Ample address fields, including international sized zip and phone fields support global transactions. Multiple Contacts per Customer Unlimited contacts per customer with separate address, phone, and email fields.
Customer Masterfile Audit Support for Canadian GST/PST, multiple jurisdictions, and tax-on-tax calculations.
Complete Commission Processing
Automatically calculate and store commission transactions using highly flexible options. Edit, add, and delete individual records. Link salespersons to Accounts Payable vendors, Payroll employees, or General Ledger accounts, then update these modules independently with commissions payable. The Salesperson Commission Report provides commission detail by invoice, for each Salesperson.
The Sage MAS 90 Accounts Receivable module is rich with reporting tools. Where appropriate, the reports have multiple selection and sorting capabilities—providing a large variety of report offerings. Each report includes a Preview capability allowing you to ‘print’ the report to screen before committing to the printer. From the Preview option, copy the report to the Windows clipboard, making sharing the report’s data with other applications easy! Use the Find and Zoom options to quickly view just the data you’re looking for.
Accounts Receivable Analysis

Offering busy managers a graphical, high-level look at receivables, the AR Analysis Report consists of an aging recap and a statistical summary of receivables for up to six consecutive periods. At a glance determination of whether Accounts Receivable activity is increasing or decreasing and what proportion of the receivables is not current. Aged Invoice Report

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The Aged Invoice Report lists customer invoices, balances, and payments. Invoice balances are aged according to user specified aging periods. As a quick reference, the number of days of delinquency for each invoice is included. The report offers a myriad of sort and selection options, allowing you to customize the report to your needs. Select the desired aging date, pick from detail or summary options, and choose only invoices within a specific aging category.
Cash Expectation Report

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The Cash Expectation Report is a valuable tool to help you plan cash flow. Invoices are summarized by the payment due date for up to four consecutive periods and one future period, with totals by customer and division. Include an ‘Average Days to Pay’ for each customer, too! Sales Journal

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The Sales Journal serves as an audit report itemizing all information entered in Invoice Data Entry or recurring invoices selected for billing. Printing the journal provides an opportunity to check for errors before posting.
Salesperson Commission Report

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This report details commissions for the current period, with totals by customer and salesperson. If you only pay commission on paid invoices, the report shows the amount paid and only includes commission amounts for invoices paid in full. Trial Balance

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The Trial Balance is principally used to reconcile the Accounts Receivable account in the General Ledger with the open balances in Accounts Receivable. It offers a complete recap of invoices, with detail of receipts, adjustments, payments, or other activities that affect Accounts Receivable balances as of a specified date.
Other Reports
Customer Invoices
Cash Receipts Journal
Customer Edit Register
Customer Listing
Customer Mailing Labels
Customer Masterfile Audit Report
Customer Memos
Customer Sales Analysis
Customer Statements
Daily Transaction Register
Finance Charge Journal
General Ledger Posting Recap
Gross Profit Journal
Invoice History Printing
Invoice History Report
Monthly Cash Receipts Report
Monthly Sales Report
Repetitive Invoice Listing
Sales Analysis by Salesperson
Sales Tax Report
Tax Journal Detail Report
Tax Journal Summary Report

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