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Sage MAS 90 and Sage MAS 200 General Ledger Module
Call it the silent partner in your business operation. The hard working, behind the scenes operator that consistently delivers what is required—on time, and in the appropriate format. The Sage MAS 90 and Sage MAS 200 General Ledger module diligently records and stores all bookkeeping and accounting transactions, initiated internally and from subsidiary module, and then enables that data to be presented in financial statements, supporting schedules, and associated reports.

With several powerful custom report writing tools, combined with dozens of standard, yet flexible reports, you have virtually limitless reporting options. The reporting tools are powerful, yet easy and intuitive to use, you do not have to be a programmer to use them.

It is imperative to have a General Ledger module that is powerful, flexible, and informative, yet still be easy to operate. The Sage MAS 90 and Sage MAS 90 200 General Ledger module is the perfect business partner.

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Operational Flexibility
Flexible Chart of Accounts Structure Categorize your chart of accounts into any number of account groups such as assets, liabilities, revenue, etc. Flexible Account Numbers Account numbers can contain up to 32 alphanumeric characters and can be divided into as many as 10 segments.
Flexible Accounting Periods You define the number of accounting periods, up to 13, within a fiscal year. You specify the ending dates for each period. Account Masterfile Audit Track changes, deletions, and additions to the Account masterfile. Report upon the changes using the Account Masterfile Audit Report which includes the date of the change and the user code.
Data Entry Features
Dual Grid Style Data Entry Screens View essential information without having to scroll the screen from side to side. Easily and quickly move rows up or down, and insert and delete rows. Unlimited Budgets Maintain unlimited budgets in an easy-to-use grid format. Simultaneously edit budgets for multiple accounts at once.
On-the-fly Account Addition Add new General Ledger accounts on-the-fly from General Journal Entry, Recurring Journal Entry, Transaction Journal Entry, Allocation Maintenance, and Budget Maintenance options. Secure the features so that only authorized users can add new accounts. Allocation Entries Use Allocation entries to automatically post an amount from a single source account to multiple destination accounts. Calculate the amount to be posted based on a percentage allocation or on a quantity such as head count or square footage.
General Journal Entry An unlimited number of accounts per entry is supported, as are comment lines. A standard journal can be saved for future use. Recurring Journal Entries Post recurring entries, such as monthly depreciation, automatically. Comment lines can be entered for each Recurring Journal entry.
Future Postings Postings can be made to future periods from General Journals or from other modules without closing the current period. Transaction Journal Entry Record after the fact transactions, such as handwritten checks easily within Transaction Journal Entry. The rapid entry of transaction postings such as cash disbursements and cash receipts is possible.
Reversing Journal Entries You may enter a reversing data in General Journal Entry, enabling the postings to be automatically reversed in a subsequent period. Wizard-Based Financial Statements Easily create new reports, or modify your existing reports using the Financial Reports Wizard.
Screen Shots
Account Mantenance- Main
Account Mantenance - History
Account Mantenance - Budget
Account Mantenance - Variance
Account Mantenance - Transactions
Account Mantenance - Transaction Drill-Down
Allocation Maintenance - Header
Allocation Maintenance - Lines
General Journal Entry - Header
General Journal Entry - Lines
Recurring Journal Entry - Header
Recurring Journal Entry - Lines
Transaction Journal Entry – Header
Transaction Journal Entry - Lines
Budget Maintenance – Main
Budget Maintenance – Copy Budget
Budget Revision Entry
Budget Revision Entry - Main
Data Exchange
Automatic Budget Copy
Allocation Selection
Useful Utilities
Account Delete/Renumber/Merge Delete, renumber, or merge existing account numbers with this utility. Use wildcard characters to mask selected groups of account numbers for maximum flexibility. Process individual or a range of account numbers at once. Automatic Budget Copy Copy budget information from another budget type (e.g. revised budget or next-year budget) or actuals, to the current, revised, or next-year’s budget. Elect to change the budget amount by a percentage or dollar amount as they are copied.
Copy Feature Easily duplicate the chart of accounts and financial statements of an existing company for a new company. Copy General Ledger accounts automatically for a new department or location or for all existing locations and departments.
Integration With Other Sage MAS 90 or Sage MAS 200 Modules
Bank Reconciliation When Bank Reconciliation is integrated with General Ledger, cash disbursements, deposits, and adjustments are posted to the Bank Reconciliation files from Transaction Journal Entry. Subsidiary Modules All Sage MAS 90 and Sage MAS 200 modules integrate seamlessly with the General Ledger modules for posting transactions.
Transaction History
Multiyear History Retention You may retain up to 99 years of transaction history and/or period summary history. Post to future fiscal years or reopen a past year. You can specify the fiscal year to be used for printing General Ledger reports. Transaction Detail Inquiry View transaction details for any account easily from the Account masterfile. The period, date, source journal, comment, and transaction amount are displayed. Search for transactions by period, source journal, or comment. Drill down on an entry to see the full detail of the journal which produced the posting.
Account History Inquiry Display prior, current, or future fiscal year information for any account, any period, any year. Account Inquiry The Account Inquiry tabs contain the same information that appears in the Account Maintenance windows, in an inquiry-only format.
Rich Feature Set
Report Data Transfer Export the data from all General Ledger reports to an external file. ASCII, dBASE, delimited, DIF, Excel, or Lotus file types are supported. Complete Audit Trail A complete audit trail of all activity is provided by reports and registers printed before posting to permanent files. Each register is assigned a unique batch number, which follows the posting to the history files, leaving a complete audit trail. Elect to retain detailed postings for up to 99 years.
Custom Report Groups Group custom reports for printing. Allows you to update and print a group of related reports. Custom Reports by Department The creation of custom reports for multiple departments is easy and straightforward.
Data Exchange Use the data exchange feature to import and/or export the Chart of Accounts, budgets, and transaction data directly from or to an external file. F9 Financial Reporter for Sage MAS 90 F9 for Windows from Synex Corporation is a spreadsheet add-in that allows you to “hot link” your General Ledger to Lotus, Excel, or Quattro Pro. Using simple formulas, link any spreadsheet cell to budget, revised budget, current balance, or quarterly balance for any account.
FRx Desktop (Financial Reporter Extender) for Sage MAS 90 A powerhouse tool for custom financial reporting, FRx Desktop is included with General Ledger. Multicompany Consolidation Process data for any number of companies, and combine data from separate companies into a single report.
Nonfinancial Accounts Maintain nonfinancial information, such as head count or square footage and utilize this data for calculations on custom financial reports. Generous Numeric Field Sizes Numeric fields throughout the General Ledger module generously allow 999 million for entry programs, 9 billion at the account level, and 99 billion on reports.
Budget and History Information Maintain unlimited budgets in an easy-to-use grid. Simultaneously edit budgets for multiple accounts at once. One Step Bank Transfer When integrated with the Bank Reconciliation module, you may transfer funds between banks with a single step.
Monthly Trend Report

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Print actual, budget, history, actual-to-history variance, actual-to-budget variance, and percent reports in a rolling, 13-period or year-to-date trend format. Company, department, and consolidated monthly trend reports can be generated. General Ledger Analysis

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A management recap report offering a summarized Balance Sheet and Invoice Statement, along with 13 vital financial ratios.
Budget and History Report

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This reports lists current, revised, and next year budget detail, and the actual amounts for each accounting period. General Ledger Graphics

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Graph all income, expenses, or profits by department! Create bar charts of actual, budget, and prior year activities for a single account or a range of accounts.
General Ledger Detail Report

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This report is one of the most valuable auditing tools in the system. Shown for each period are each account’s: beginning balance, net postings, ending balance, postings by date, reference number, and posting remarks. Financial Statements

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Produce a standard Income Statement and Balance Sheet automatically in either departmental or consolidated form. A friendly wizard, makes custom report creation easy.
Other Reports
Account Master File Audit Report Budget Report Budget Revision Register Charts of Accounts
Transaction Journal Custom Report Detail Listing Custom Report Samples Daily Transaction Register
General Journal General Ledger Detail by Source Report General Ledger Worksheet Recurring Journal
Trial Balance

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