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Sage MAS 90 and Sage MAS 200 Payroll Module with Direct Deposit
Perhaps no accounting task is more time-consuming, intimidating, complex, yet vitally important as payroll preparation. Using the Sage MAS 90 or Sage MAS 200 Payroll module, in house payroll preparation can be accomplished easily, accurately, and with confidence.

The Sage MAS 90 and Sage MAS 200 Payroll module can apply earnings and deductions, automatically calculate employer and employee taxes, performs direct payroll deposits, and prints detailed check stubs. Quarterly and yearly payroll reports can be printed, and all current federal and state tax tables are included. Multiple city/state taxation is fully supported. Flexible benefit accruals support virtually any benefit package.

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Operational Flexibility
Deduction Types Base deductions on a fixed rate, percentage of gross wages, hours worked, or earnings type. Employer contributions may also be defined. Flag deductions as automatic for individual employees. Enter a goal amount, at which the deduction automatically ceases. Earnings Types Literally hundreds of earnings types (regular, overtime, sick pay, etc.) can be defined.
Federal and State Tax Tables Sage Software offers quarterly federal and state tax table updates online. Local taxes can be added and the tax tables may be modified as necessary. Multiple Bank Accounts Up to 36 bank accounts for each company are possible.
Security by Department This feature adds valuable security to the Payroll module on a department-by-department basis. You may maintain a list of users or user groups that are allowed access to a department. When an unauthorized user attempts to access a window, report, or employee record, a “Not Authorized” dialog box appears. Workers’ Compensation Support A seven-character workers’ compensation code specific to each state offers maximum flexibility. Base the calculation on hours worked, days worked, percentage of gross, adjusted gross, or a fixed amount. You can designate a monthly, quarterly, or annual limit by compensation code.
Data Entry Features
Manual Checks/Check Reversal Process manually written and checks, and reverse previously recorded checks. Up to nine separate checks per employee, per pay period may be entered. Multiple Departments Employees are assigned to a ‘home’ department, but earnings may be distributed to any department during payroll data entry. Over 1,290 departments are possible, and department subtotals are included on reports. Earnings and employer tax expenses may be posted by department to separate General Ledger departments.
Multiple Earnings Distribution Distribute employees’ earnings to any combination of state, local, department, job category, and workers’ compensation codes. Multiple State/Local Processing Multiple state and local jurisdictions can be represented on the same check, with the appropriate taxes calculated. Unemployment deductions can be withheld from a state other than the employee’s residence state.
Tip Allocation Tip allocation is calculated automatically based on gross receipts entered by employee. The allocated tips are printed on the year-end W-2 Forms. Tip Reporting Taxable tip reporting and application of tip/minimum wage differentials can be performed automatically.
Screen Shots
Payroll Employee Maintenance, Main Tab Payroll Employee Maintenance, Wages Tab
Payroll Employee Maintenance, Checks Tab Payroll Employee Maintenance, Earning and Vacation Inquiry
Payroll Employee Maintenance, Voluntary Deduction Maintenance Payroll Employee Maintenance, State Tax Summary
Payroll Employee Maintenance, Employee Memo Maintenance Payroll Data Entry, Pay Cycle Selection
Payroll Data Entry, Auto Pay Payroll Data Entry, Header
Payroll Data Entry, Lines Payroll Options, Main
Payroll Options, Additional Payroll Options, Integrate
Earnings Code Maintenance Deduction Code Maintenance
Department Maintenance, Main Department Maintenance, Earnings
Tax Table Maintenance Benefit Schedule Maintenance
Useful Utilities
Employee Renumber Use the Employee Renumber utility to assign a new employee number to any employee. Assigning a new number or department automatically changes all associated employee records and history files. Change Employee Status Use the Change Status function to terminate, inactivate, or reactivate an employee. Use this feature to isolate an employee record from the Payroll Data Entry process, excluding it from future processing activities.
Integration With Other Sage MAS 90 or Sage MAS 200 Modules
Job Cost Integration When integrated with the Job Cost module, the job number and cost code can be entered during payroll data entry. Payroll burden is calculated automatically based on your setup, and posted to each job. TimeCard Integration The Payroll module may be integrated with the TimeCard module which allows employee timecard data to be entered on any schedule desired (daily, weekly, etc.). A TimeClock feature within TimeCard captures employee time as they “punch in” and out. When you are ready to process payroll, the records from TimeCard are transferred into payroll data entry, eliminating the need for duplicate data entry. Both modules may be integrated with the Job Cost module, allowing for the capture of job related labor, and the independent update of this labor to the Job Cost module, thus providing up-to-date job information between payrolls.
Bank Reconciliation Payroll transactions can be posted automatically to the Bank Reconciliation module. Magnetic Media When integrated with the Magnetic Media Reporting module, W-2 information can be printed to magnetic media for submission to each tax jurisdiction.
941 Forms Quarterly 941 Forms can be printed for each tax jurisdiction in which wages were earned. Checks and Stubs Use standard check stock or custom check-printing formats complete with MICR encoding of bank account information. A different stock may be used for each bank account. You may include earnings, deductions, and tax information for the pay period and year to date on the stub. Two check stubs can be printed on a single page to accommodate laser printed checks.
W-2 Printing Print W-2s on a four-per-page W-2 form, eliminated the need to collate multiple copies. Other popular W-2 formats are supported.
Transaction History
Check History A perpetual check history file will preserve check detail by employee and check number. Check history can be viewed from employee maintenance, or a detailed Payroll Check History report may be printed. Earnings/Deduction Information Tracking Track earnings and deduction information on a monthly, quarterly, and annual basis for each employee.
Earnings and Vacation Inquiry Easily access earnings and benefit information from a button in the employee masterfile. Information stored and maintained includes quarter-to-date and year-to-date earnings by earnings code, and a record of vacation, sick leave, and benefit hours. Earnings information can only be viewed; benefit hours may be adjusted from here. Voluntary Deductions Review employee quarter-to-date or year-to-date deduction totals for each deduction code from a button in the employee masterfile.
Tax Summary Display a quarter-to-date and year-to-date summary of the wages subject to taxes and the tax amounts withheld for each employee by state. Federal tax summary is also available. This inquiry screen also shows the hours, days, and weeks worked quarter and year to date by state, and allows adjustment of this data.
Rich Feature Set
Accommodations for 401k Pensions, Cafeteria Plan, and Fringe Benefits Perform automatic deductions for 401k pensions and cafeteria plans during check processing. You define the withholding taxes that should be reduced as a result. Non-monetary compensation (fringe benefits) can be recorded and printed on W-2 Forms. Audit Reports Detailed reports allow extensive audit tool for reviewing time sheet entries and tax calculation before checks are printed.
Automatic Application of Earnings and Deductions Employees who work a standard number of hours (either salary or hourly) can have their earnings and deductions applied automatically. Benefit Accrual Automatically accrue and track vacation, sick leave, and other benefits. Employees are assigned a benefit code corresponding to a flexible user defined benefit schedule outlining such factors as accrual rate and eligibility delay. Base accruals on a fixed rate or a variable table based on months of employment. A Benefits Register can be printed each pay period. Easily inquire into an employee’s benefit status from employee masterfile.
Periodic Benefit Accrual Periodic Benefit Accrual allows for the accrual of employee benefits based on user-defined intervals (for example, on a monthly basis or on an employee review date) rather than, or in addition to, the normal payroll processing cycle. Direct Deposit When combined with a tool provided by a Sage Software Authorized Master Developer, the Direct Deposit feature allows each employee to distribute their net pay into as many as eight separate bank accounts. Direct deposit stubs or voided checks may be printed as can a Direct Deposit Register.
Payroll Expense and Tax Accrual Payroll postings to the General Ledger may be based on the period when the work was actually performed, as opposed to the date the check is issued. If the pay period falls partially or wholly in a month different from the accounting date, wage expense, tax expense, and accruals can be posted on a percentage basis. The calculated percentage may be adjusted by the user prior to updating the Check Register. Management and Tax Reports A variety of quarterly and annual reports provides detailed information on earnings, deductions, benefit pay, employee and employer taxes, and workers’ compensation amounts.
Support for Statutory Employees Designate an employee as Statutory if the employee's remuneration is subject to social security and Medicare withholding but not to federal income tax withholding. Pension/Profit Sharing An indicator is available by employee to show eligibility for pension or profit sharing. The W-2 Form box for pension will be marked for employees so flagged.
New York City Resident Support Will correctly calculate taxes for New York City and Yonkers for employees who reside in either city and work in the other. Employee Masterfile Audit Track changes, deletions, and additions to the Employee masterfile. The Employee Masterfile Audit Report details the changes, including the user code or workstation id and date of the change.
Employee Memos Create and maintain memos associated with each employee. View and maintain directly from employee maintenance and payroll data entry. Report Sorting Options Most Payroll reports can be sorted by employee name, employee number, social security number, or the employee sort field.
ANSI Compliant Checks Increasingly financial institutions are requiring that checks be ANSI compliant. Specify this compliancy on a form-by-form basis for your Payroll check forms.  
Quarterly Pay Period Recap Report

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This report summarizes wages and taxes by pay period and department for the current quarter. Payroll Check History Report

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Lists all checks written for a specified period by employee. This period can include a specific range of check dates, the quarter to date, or the year to date.
Benefit Accrual Report

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The Benefit Accrual Report provides a year-to-date summary of accrued benefit hours and amounts, by employee, for the three types of benefits (vacation, sick pay, and the user-defined third benefit type). Pay Rate Change Report

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The Pay Rate Change Report tracks changes to the employees’ Pay Rate 1 field. The report consists of Employee Number, Name, Change Date, Prior Pay Rate 1, Current Pay Rate 1, User Code, and Comment columns listing all changes made to the Pay Rate 1 field.
Deduction Report

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Offers a month-to-date, quarter-to-date, and year-to-date summary of employee deduction information for up to six deduction codes. Earnings Report

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Offers a month-to-date, quarter-to-date, and year-to-date summary of employee earnings information for up to five earnings codes at one time. Great way to isolate overtime hours and pay expended during the current month, for example.
Payroll Data Entry Audit Report

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This report lists all entries made using Payroll Data Entry and is the tool used to check for accuracy before checks are printed.
Other Reports
Periodic Benefit Accrual Register Employee Listing Employee Mailing Labels Employee Memo Printing
Labor Distribution Report Earnings Register Deductions Register Benefits Register
Employer’s Expense Summary Pre-Check Register Check Register Pre-Note Selection Register
Pre-Note Approval Register Perpetual History Report Employee Masterfile Audit Report Quarterly 941 Form
Quarterly Governmental Report Quarterly Tax Report W-2 Form Workers’ Compensation Report

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