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Sage MAS 90 and Sage MAS 200 Return Merchandise Authorization Module
Accepting returns or exchanges is a necessary component of good customer service. Your customers expect it, appreciate it, and tend to buy from those vendors that offer a flexible return policy. You must ensure the process is handled efficiently and accurately, both for your protection and for your customer’s satisfaction. The RMA (return merchandise authorization) module for Sage MAS 90 and Sage MAS 200 can automatically generate all the appropriate transactions, including credit memos, replacement orders, purchase orders, and vendor returns. The RMA module makes it easy to handle every aspect of the return, whether your customer wants credit, a replacement, a substitution, or a repair.
Data Entry Screen Shots Utilities Integration
Forms Transaction History Inquires Features
Report Examples
Operational Flexibility
Set default values A default values entry screen lets you set many data entry values to your most common preference. Values such as the Return Via method, Return To warehouse code, and the Next RMA number may all be defaulted for rapid data entry. Warehouse Flexibility Warehouse Flexibility: Indicate the default warehouse code for Repairs, Returns, and Scrap. You determine whether changes to these defaults are allowed from RMA Entry.
Invoice number required Determine whether an invoice number must be entered for each returned item. Zero Dollar Replacement/Repair default Elect to default the RMA price field to zero for replacement and/or repairs. Useful if the majority of your replacements and repairs are offered under warranty. During RMA Entry, the price for return and repair items will default to zero.
Data Entry Features
RMA Entry
Use Return Merchandise Authorization Entry to enter information necessary to create RMAs. You can create an RMA for one return item, multiple return items from different invoices, or an entire invoice. The Return Merchandise Authorization Entry window is used to record customer information, the return items, the return quantity, the reason for the return, and the return warehouse.
Cross shipment feature
Use the Xpress Sales Order feature to instantly create a sales order from the RMA, without waiting for the return item to be received. Great for replacement items that need to be shipped immediately, or when the customer wishes to order additional items that are not associated with the current RMA.
RMA Receipts Entry
When return merchandise is received, you can select the appropriate RMA number and use the RMA Receiver documents to complete the RMA. In addition, if merchandise arrives unannounced, use RMA Receipts Entry to enter a one-step RMA transaction. As a result of the receipt, the documents that may automatically be generated include: sales orders, credit memos, return orders, and purchase orders.
Screen Shots
RMA Data Entry - Header RMA Data Entry - Address
RMA Data Entry - Lines RMA Item Selection
RMA Receipts Entry RMA Receipts Entry - Lines
RMA Receipts Entry - Additional Generate Transactions Selection
RMA Setup Options - Main RMA Setup Options - Entry Defaults
RMA Setup Options - Entry Options Return to Address Maintenance
Return Reason Code Maintenance
Useful Utilities
Purge Expired RMA A cleanup utility to delete RMAs with an expiration date older than a specified date. Create Historical Records Choose the Create Customer Invoice Search Records option to create records in the RMA Customer Invoice Search file from the Accounts Receivable Invoice History files. Useful if the RMA module is added to an existing application.
Integration With Other Sage MAS 90 or Sage MAS 200 Modules
The RMA module requires the Sales Order and Accounts Receivable modules and can optionally integrate with Purchase Order to automate vendor returns and create new purchase orders. The Inventory Management module adds additional functionality for the RMA module such as holding the items’ warranty code.
RMA receiver printing Print a receiver document to give to warehouse personnel to advise them of a pending return. Customer RMA printing An RMA Customer Document can be printed and mailed or faxed to your customer.
Transaction History
Completed RMAs are stored until you decide to purge them. View the full detail of completed RMAs from the RMA Inquiry screen, and in report format using the RMA Receipts History Report.
RMA Inquiry Use RMA Inquiry to view all RMAs, both open and received. Drill around to view complete details of the documents generated for this RMA, such as sales orders, credit memos, purchase orders, and/or return orders. Customer, Vendor, Invoice History, Inventory, Sales Order, and Purchase Order inquiry Easy access into each of these informative inquiry options from within the RMA module.
Invoice Drill Down View the entire originating invoice during RMA entry. See full address information, shipping data; even view the invoice’s current balance. Item Inquiry View the current inventory status for each item entered on the RMA. View price and cost information, quantities, etc.
Rich Feature Set
Vendor action A Vendor Action field for each item on the RMA lets you specify whether the item is to be returned to the vendor for credit or replacement. If Credit is selected, a return order is generated in Purchase Order to return the item to the vendor for credit. If Replacement is selected, a return order and purchase order are generated. Customer invoice search Search for the invoice you need by item number, ship date, item description, etc. Makes it easy to find the exact source document spawning the return.
Drop ships Indicate whether the item will be returned by the customer directly to the vendor, leaving your inventory unaffected. Credit freight Decide by item whether or not to credit freight for returned items.
Purchase order consolidation You decide whether to create on purchase order per vendor and whether to consolidate like items on the purchase orders and return orders created by the RMA module. Restocking Fees Elect to calculate a restocking fee for each returned item. Optionally you may elect to consolidate the fee for items referencing the same invoice number.
Warranty Codes In Inventory Maintenance, maintain a warranty code (i.e. 30 days) for each inventory item and additionally a vendor’s warranty code for each item/vendor combination. Returns allowed? A flag maintained for each inventory item indicates whether returns are allowed for the item. A password will allow the acceptance of non-returnable items during RMA Entry.
Inspect on receipt For each RMA, indicate if the returned item must be inspected when it is received by the warehouse. If so, a message prints on the RMA Receiver document. In addition, when the RMA is entered in the RMA Receipts Entry window, a warning message appears. Warranty checking The warranty expiration date of each returned item is checked. A message warning of an expired warranty will appear.
Return to addresses Set up multiple return addresses if you routinely receive return merchandise at multiple locations. The return-to address is the address for the customer to use when returning items to you and may be printed on the Customer RMA document.
Return Reason Code
Maintain a library of reason codes and corresponding descriptions. Enter the appropriate code for each returned item.
Recalculate new warranty expiration date Automatically calculate a new warranty expiration date based on the ship date.
Graphical reporting: All RMA reports and forms may be produced in Crystal Reports offering you limitless possibilities for formatting, fonts, colors, logos, graphics, etc.
Daily Repair Report

click to expand report selection
This report details items received today with an action of Repair. Useful tool for scheduling in house repair jobs or coordinating returns to your vendors.

Customer RMA Document

click to expand report selection
Here’s the document to mail/fax/email to your customer providing instructions on where and how to make their return. Plenty of room for user-enterable comments which are printed on the document. Bar codes can be printed on the RMA for information such as the RMA number, customer number, item number, quantity, and price.
RMA Receiver Report

click to expand report selection
The RMA Receiver uses information entered in the Return Merchandise Authorization Entry window to produce an RMA Receiver form that can be printed and delivered to the warehouse to advise of merchandise being returned. Bar codes can be printed for information such as the RMA number, customer number, item number, quantity, and price. Open RMA Report

click to expand report selection
Print the Open RMA Report to track the status of open RMAs pending merchandise receipt. The report can be sorted by RMA number, RMA date, customer number, and customer name. Information provided includes RMA status, return-to address, and warranty information.
RMA Receipts History Report

click to expand report selection
The RMA Receipts History Report provides a detailed listing of RMA information recorded in the RMA Receipts Entry window and updated during the Generate Transactions update. The report can be sorted by RMA number, customer number, and customer name. Information provided includes documents created for the RMA. Return Reason Report

click to expand report selection
The Return Reason Report tracks returned items, the customer who returned the item and the reason the item was returned. The report can be sorted by item number, customer number, vendor number, return reason code, and product line.

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