Eagle Consulting Group Joins Net@Work

Eagle Consulting Group Has Merged With Net@Work, A Top Worldwide Sage Software Business Partner.

The Eagle team will continue to work with you and support your Sage MAS and CRM installations. We remain committed to your IT and business needs - rest assured that the voices and faces you've come to know and trust will still be there to take your calls.

This is a big win our valued customers. With our combined teams we can now offer you expanded services and support, providing a true advisor for all your IT initiatives.

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Phone: 212-997-5200
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Phone: 201-735-9560
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The Sage CRM SalesLogix Workspace and Data Views
Your Sage CRM SalesLogix workspace is the area where various views appear in the main Sage CRM SalesLogix Sales window. Views are the various looks at your Sage CRM SalesLogix database and are accessed via the Navigation Bar. You can customize a number of items on the Sage CRM SalesLogix Sales workspace. For example, you can change colors and fonts, customize menus and toolbars, and change the default Sage CRM SalesLogix background.
Sage CRM SalesLogix Workspace
Each view in your Sage CRM SalesLogix workspace contains many of the same elements:
Menu Bar
The menu bar contains the Sage CRM SalesLogix Sales commands. Each menu item has an access key, which is the underlined letter in the item name

The Standard toolbar contains buttons that you click to open the most frequently used Sage CRM SalesLogix Sales commands.

Navigation Bar
The standard navigation bar appears on the left side of the Sage CRM SalesLogix workspace and contains buttons that open the main Sage CRM SalesLogix views.

Group Button
Located at the upper right on the Contact, Account and Opportunity Detail views, click the Group button to display a tree view of all groups.

Status Bar
The status bar displays the current date, user, database, and status icons, such as whether or not you are logged on to e-mail. Right-click an icon to open a shortcut menu of options.

Previous/Next Buttons
Buttons located on the toolbar allowing you to view a previous or next contact, account, or opportunity.

Quick Find
Use Quick Find to find a particular contact, account or opportunity using flexible search criteria.

Sage CRM SalesLogix Data Views

You can change the view by clicking one of the buttons on the navigation bar. Where appropriate, you can toggle between Detail and List views of your data, thereby looking at a single contact, account, or opportunity—or the entire list of records. Your views will vary depending upon the manner in which your administrator has configured Sage CRM SalesLogix, and any individual screen customizations you have added. Here is a listing of the standard views:
Contacts are individual prospects and key people associated with an account. The Contacts view provides full details of your contact including related accounts, activities, opportunities, notes, and attachments.

Accounts are your prospects and customers. Accounts can contain one or many contacts and are owned by an individual user, a team of users, or everyone. The Accounts view provides full details of your contact including related contacts, opportunities, notes, and attachments.

Potential sales opportunities arise within your accounts. The Opportunity feature allows you to collect and report on a variety of information relating to an opportunity, such as potential, probability of closing a sale, estimated close dates, products associated with an opportunity, competitors for the opportunity, and more. Opportunities are associated with an account and one or more contacts within that account.

The powerful Sage CRM SalesLogix calendar feature offers a Day, Week, Month, and Year of your scheduled activities and events. Easily recall full details of each activity and make any necessary edits. Be alerted to upcoming activities and note the completion of tasks, complete with notes of the transaction.

Activities such as phone calls, meetings and to-dos are typically scheduled for a specific time. Scheduled activities will appear in your calendar and in the Activities view. Events such as trade shows, business trips, and conferences often span several days. Scheduled events display above the timeline on your Calendar view and in the Events tab on the Activities view. You may create notes associated with an event or activity at any time.

Sage CRM SalesLogix Forecasting helps you understand the impact of competitors, lead sources, various industries, product lines, and many other variables on your sales pipeline. Using data sources and filters, you can select the opportunity information that is important to you and view it in a variety of graphic formats. Several pre-built queries provide a graphical view of Sales Potential by Account Region, Sales Potential by Account Manager, and Open Opportunities by Account Manager, for example.

The Library automates the distribution of information within your company. Sales literature, company policies, catalogs, etc. can be filed in the library for easy access by on site and remote users.

Driven by powerful Crystal Reports, Sage CRM SalesLogix reporting provides a wealth of in-depth views of your database. You can design custom filters to isolate the exact data you seek and then preview, print, Email, or export the resulting report.

Automated processes help you perform repetitive tasks, implement sales processes, and provide an automated way of following up with customers. Processes are attached to contacts to guide you through a series of tasks. You could establish a process to guide you through qualifying a prospect, for example. Such a process could schedule a literature request, then a follow up phone call, etc. As you complete an activity that is part of a process, the next step is triggered.

Campaign Management
Create, launch, and track marketing campaigns and campaign tasking with ease. Sage CRM SalesLogix will record responses to campaigns that lead to new contacts and new opportunities. A process can be associated with a campaign, to guide you through the process of writing ad copy, performing mail merge, making follow-up phone calls, etc.

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Navigation Bar Workspace Showing Contact View
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